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Administrative Case: ADKT 0491
Short Caption:IN RE: RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURECourt:Supreme Court
Classification:Administrative - ADKT - ADKTCase Status:ADKT Order Filed
Filed Date:12/05/2013Public Hearing:06/03/2019 at 3:00 PM (Supreme Court Courtroom, Las Vegas)
Closed Date:

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Docket Entries
12/05/2013Administrative CaseFiled Petition.13-36580
01/23/2015Administrative CaseFiled Order. This Court has determined that the creation of a Commission on Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure is warranted. Justice Douglas and Justice Cherry shall serve as co-chairs of the Commission. Individuals listed in Exhibit A are appointed to the Commission. (Exhibit A attached).15-02474
02/22/2017Administrative CaseFiled Order. On January 23, 2015, this court established the Commission on Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure and appointed original members. Frederick Lee, Jr., was appointed and has since retired from the Office of the Public Defender in Elko County. Lidia S. Stiglich is appointed to the Commission on Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure.17-06211
08/20/2018Administrative CaseFiled Order. Jeremy Bosler was appointed to the Commission on Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure and will retire from the Washoe County Public Defender's Office. John Arrascada is appointed to the Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure.18-32113
02/22/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order. Justice Michael L. Douglas and Justice Michael A. Cherry were appointed to the Commission as co-chairs and have since retired. Justice James W. Hardesty shall serve as chair of the Commission and Justice Lidia S. Stiglich and Justice Abbi Silver shall serve as co-vice chairs of the Commission. Clark County Public Defender Darin Imlay appointed to the Commission to replace Philip Kohn who has since retired. Lisa Rasmussen, JoNell Thomas, and John Springgate appointed to Commission.19-08338
04/17/2019Administrative CaseFiled First Interim Report and Recommendations of the Commission on Statewide Rules of Criminal Procedure.19-16971
05/03/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order Scheduling Public Hearing and Requesting Public Comment. Exhibits A and B attached. Hearing to be held Monday, June 3, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. in the Supreme Court Courtroom in Las Vegas. Videoconferenced to Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City. Comments may be submitted electronically or in hard-copy format due to Clerk by 5 p.m. on May 24, 2019. Persons interested in participating must notify the Clerk no later than May 24, 2019.19-19621
06/03/2019Administrative CasePublic Hearing Held. Public Hearing held on the Administrative Docket. (SC)
06/07/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order Amending Supreme Court Rules 250 and 252. Amended as set forth in Exhibits A and B. These amendments shall be effective 30 days from the date of this order.19-24862
06/19/2020Administrative CaseFiled Petition.20-22854
07/08/2020Administrative CaseFiled Order Amending Supreme Court Rule 252(2)(e). Exhibit A attached. Effective 30 days from the date of this order.20-25132
07/27/2020Administrative CaseFiled Order. Christopher Lalli is appointed to replace Steven Wolfson and Luke Prengaman is appointed to replace Christopher Hicks on the Commission. (SC).20-27194
08/25/2020Administrative CaseA Clean Copy of Exhibit A, Amendment to Supreme Court Rule 252.20-31295