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Case Information: 73781-COA
Short Caption:RIMER (STANLEY) VS. STATE, NEV. BD. OF PAROLE COMM'RSCourt:Court of Appeals
Related Case(s):54555, 57454, 58711, 58896, 65727, 65728, 69326, 69510, 70352, 71451, 71855, 71856, 71857, 71857-COA, 73187, 73693, 73693-COA, 73781
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - C246300Classification:Original Proceeding - Criminal - Proper Person Writ Petition
Disqualifications:Case Status:Case Closed
Replacement:Panel Assigned: Panel
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Docket Entries
08/21/2017Petition/WritFiled Proper Person Petition for Writ. Filed Proper Person Petition for Writ of Mandamus.17-27830
08/21/2017MotionFiled Proper Person Motion. Filed Proper Person Motion to Waive Filing fees for Petition for Writ of Mandamus.17-27832
08/28/2017MotionFiled Proper Person Motion. Filed Proper Person Emergency Motion to Stay Commencement of Next Sentence (September 1, 2017) Pending Outcome of the Current Action for Rehearing, or in the Alternative, Order Rehearing for Parole Beginning 2014 Without Inapplicable Aggravator.17-28724
08/31/2017Case Status UpdateTransferred from Supreme Court.
09/01/2017Order/DispositionalFiled Order Denying Petition. . "ORDER the petition DENIED." fn1[As the filing fee was waived upon the docketing of this matter, we deny Rimer's motion to waive the filing fee as moot.] fn2[Rimer's motion to stay commencement of his "next sentence" pending the outcome of the petition in this matter is denied as moot.] Court of Appeals-AS/JT/MG17-901804
09/26/2017Case Status UpdateTransferred to Supreme Court.
09/26/2017Case Status UpdateCase Closed.