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Case Information: 79992-COA
Short Caption:SHAHROKHI VS. DIST. CT. (BURROW)Court:Court of Appeals
Related Case(s):78771, 78771-COA, 79336, 79336-COA, 79992, 80277, 80277-COA, 80447, 80447-COA, 81218, 81218-COA, 81791, 81791-COA, 81978, 81978-COA, 82245, 82803, 83164, 83558, 83662, 83682
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - D581208Classification:Original Proceeding - Civil - Proper Person Writ Petition
Disqualifications:Case Status:Case Closed
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Docket Entries
11/15/2019Case Status UpdateTransferred from Supreme Court. (COA)
11/15/2019Petition/WritFiled Proper Person Petition for Writ. Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus or Prohibition. "Action Necessary by 11/20/19 Return Minor to Nevada to Maintain His School and Resident Status Quo. (COA)19-46964
11/15/2019MotionFiled Proper Person Appellant's Motion to Seal Appendix Attached to Original Petition Filed on 11/12/19 and Motion for Transmittal of "Illegal Child Interview" that Involves Minor Child. (COA)19-46965
11/20/2019Order/DispositionalFiled Order Denying Petition for Writ of Mandamus or Prohibition. "ORDER the petition DENIED." fn1 [Appellant's November 15, 2019, motion to file the appendix under seal and to order transmittal of the child interview is granted in part. The district court record was sealed below; therefore, the clerk of this court shall detach and file the portions of the appendix provisionally received on November 15, 2019, that constitute district court records, specifically pages 1-21, 22-34, and 62-66, under seal. SRCR 7. The rest of the appendix shall be filed, but not under seal. In the future, appellant should separately submit any individual portions of an appendix that he requests be filed under seal. As the child interview is not necessary for our review of this writ petition, we deny appellant's motion to order its transmittal.] Court of Appeals-MG/JT/BB.19-47434
11/20/2019AppendixFiled Proper Person Petitioner's Appendix to Petition for Writ. (COA).19-47435
11/20/2019AppendixFiled Pages 1-21, 22-34 and 62-66 of Appendix to Petition for Writ (SEALED). (COA).
12/16/2019Case Status UpdateTransferred to Supreme Court. (COA)
12/16/2019Case Status UpdateCase Closed. (COA)