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Case Information: 80818-COA
Short Caption:IN RE: GUARDIANSHIP OF Z.M.P. C/W 81119Court:Court of Appeals
Consolidated:80818-COA*, 81119-COARelated Case(s):80818, 81119, 81119-COA
Lower Court Case(s):Clark Co. - Eighth Judicial District - G052800Classification:Civil Appeal - Family Law - Other
Disqualifications:Case Status:Case Closed
Replacement:Panel Assigned: Panel
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Oral Argument:Oral Argument Location:
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Docket Entries
03/18/2020Case Status UpdateTransferred from Supreme Court. (COA).
03/18/2020MotionFiled Emergency Motion for Stay of Order. (TRANSFERRED FROM THE SUPREME COURT PER 03/18/20 ORDER). (COA).20-10677
03/18/2020AppendixFiled Appellant's Appendix to Motion for Stay (TRANSFERRED TO THE COURT OF APPEALS PER 03/18/20 ORDER). (COA).20-11509
03/18/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Filed Order. Appellant has filed in this court an emergency motion for stay. We elect to transfer this motion to the court of appeals for resolution. We clarify that, at this time, only appellant's March 18, 2020, motion is transferred to the court of appeals. In light of this order, the clerk shall transfer the March 18 motion to the court of appeals; all other documents shall remain filed in this court. The clerk shall file this order in both this court and the court of appeals. (COA).20-10678
03/18/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Temporary Stay. Appellant has filed an emergency motion to stay enforcement of the district court's March 11, 2020, order appointing respondents guardians of the minor child, which motion has been transferred to this court for resolution. we hereby temporarily stay the district court's March 11 guardianship order so as to maintain the previous status quo, such that appellant shall retain custody of the minor child pending further order of this court. Any opposition is due within 7 days from the date of this order, and any reply may be filed within 3 days from service of the opposition. fn1 [We take judicial notice of the Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative issued on March 17, 2020, after Governor Sisloak's press conference and Declaration of Emergency, which recommends staying at home when possible to enforce social distancing guidelines in light of current health concerns.] (COA).20-10681
03/24/2020MotionFiled Opposition to Emergency Motion for Stay of Order. (COA)20-11337
03/27/2020MotionFiled Appellant's Motion to Strike Respondents' Appendix and Opposition to Emergency Motion for Stay or Order or in the Alternative Motion to Strike Parts of the Respondent's Appendix and Opposition. (SC).20-11825
03/27/2020MotionFiled Appellant's Reply to Respondents' Opposition to Emergency Motion for Stay of Order. (SC).20-11826
03/27/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Emergency Motion Requesting Stay. Appellant filed an emergency motion to stay enforcement of the district court's order. That motion was transferred to this court for resolution, and on March 18, we granted a temporary stay to maintain the previous status quo pending receipt and consideration of any opposition to the stay motion. We conclude that, on balance, the factors weigh in favor of a stay and thus grant the motion. However, events have moved quickly over the past week, and it has come to our attention that the child may have already flown to Hawaii to be in the care of his grandparents, although we do not have information regarding his exact whereabouts. Since then, the Governors of both Hawaii and Nevada have, in response to the spread of COVID-19, issued mandatory closures and orders affecting travel and discouraging travel, and various district courts are operating on an emergency basis. Under these circumstances, we deem that it is not in the best interests of the child's physical health to travel by air, either to or from Hawaii, as such extended travel may expose the child to health risks caused by COVID-19. Accordingly, we order that, wherever the child currently is and with whichever party, he is to remain there until and unless otherwise ordered by the district court. When the risks of travel are lessened, either party may petition the district court for appropriate relief from the travel restrictions set forth in this order, if necessary. fn1 [Appellant's motion to strike respondents' opposition and appendix is denied.] (COA).20-11923
03/27/2020Case Status UpdateCase Closed. (COA).
03/26/2021Case Status UpdateTransferred from Supreme Court. Nos. 80818/81119. (COA).
05/25/2021Order/DispositionalFiled Order of Affirmance. "ORDER the judgment of the district court AFFIRMED." Court of Appeals-MG/JT/BB Nos. 80818/81119. (COA)21-14970
06/09/2021Case Status UpdateTransferred to Supreme Court. (COA)
06/09/2021Case Status UpdateCase Closed. (COA)