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Case Information: 82178
Short Caption:LAW VS. WHITMER (BALLOT ISSUE)Court:Supreme Court
Lower Court Case(s):Carson City - First Judicial District - 20OC001631BClassification:Civil Appeal - General - Other
Disqualifications:CadishCase Status:Remittitur Issued/Case Closed
Replacement:None for Chief Justice CadishPanel Assigned: En Banc
To SP/Judge:SP Status:Exempt
Oral Argument:Oral Argument Location:
Submission Date:How Submitted:

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Docket Entries
12/07/2020Filing FeeFiling Fee Paid. $250.00 from American Legal Investigation Services Nevada, Inc. Check no. 38080. (SC)
12/07/2020Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Notice of Appeal. Appeal docketed in the Supreme Court this day. (Docketing statement mailed to counsel for appellant.) (SC)20-44331
12/07/2020Notice/OutgoingIssued Notice of Referral to Settlement Program. This appeal may be assigned to the settlement program. Timelines for requesting transcripts and filing briefs are stayed. (SC)20-44333
12/07/2020Settlement NoticeFiled Notice: Exemption from Settlement Program. It has been determined that this appeal will not be assigned to the settlement program. Appellant(s) 14 days transcript request form; 120 days opening brief. (SC)20-44338
12/07/2020MotionFiled Defendants-Appellees' Motion for Summary Affirmance by December 8, 2020. (SC)20-44378
12/07/2020Notice of Appeal DocumentsFiled Copy of District Court Docket Entries updated docket sheet. (SC)20-44405
12/07/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Notice of Voluntary Disclosure. While I (Justice Elissa Cadish) do not have personal bias or prejudice regarding this case or the parties, I believe my impartiality might reasonably be questioned based on my personal relationships with several of the named respondents. Therefore, I recuse myself in this matter. (SC)20-44428
12/07/2020MotionFiled Appellants' Emergency Motion Under NRAP 27(e) To Expedite Appeal. (Immediate Relief Requested - 12/8/20). (SC)20-44436
12/07/2020OtherJustice Elissa Cadish disqualified from participation in this matter. Disqualification Reason: Voluntary Recusal. (SC)
12/07/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Directing Expedited Responses. Respondents have filed a motion for summary affirmance by tomorrow, December 8, 2020, and appellants have filed a motion to expedite this appeal so that it can be briefed and resolved by next week. Appellants shall have until 2 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, to file and serve their response to the motion for summary affirmance. Respondents shall likewise have until 2 p.m. tomorrow, December 8, to file and serve their response to the motion to expedite. (SC)20-44460
12/08/2020MotionFiled Respondents' Response to Contestant-Appellants' Emergency Motion Under NRAP 27 (e) to Expedite Appeal. (SC)20-44555
12/08/2020MotionFiled Appellants' Opposition to Respondents' Motion for Summary Affirmance by December 8th, 2020. (SC)20-44608
12/08/2020MotionFiled Appellants' Motion to Disqualify Justice James W. Hardesty from Participating in Proceedings on this Appeal; Declaration and Certificate of Shana D. Weir. (SC)20-44610
12/08/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Directing Transmission of Record. The clerk of the district court shall immediately provide to the clerk of this court all available portions of the trial court record in District Court Case No. 20 OC 00163 1B. (SC).20-44635
12/08/2020Record on Appeal DocumentsFiled Original Record from the First Judicial District Court. Original Exhibits Included. (SC).
12/08/2020MotionFiled Justice Hardesty's Response to Appellant's Motion to Disqualify. (SC).20-44667
12/08/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Directing Supplemental Briefing. In light of the urgency this appeal presents, appellants shall have until 7 p.m. tonight, December 8, 2020, to file and serve a supplemental brief identifying the specific portions of the district court order with which they disagree, by page and paragraph number, and accompanied by citations to the record in support of their arguments. Respondents may file, also by 7 p.m. tonight, a supplemental brief addressing any issues they believe appellants will raise in their brief. (SC)20-44695
12/08/2020Order/ProceduralFiled Order Denying Motion to Disqualify. Appellants have filed a motion to disqualify Justice James Hardesty, asserting that comments he made following the Secretary of State's presentation during the canvass of the Nevada 2020 general election results demonstrate actual bias, prejudgment of the issues presented in this matter, or an appearance of impropriety. The motion to disqualify Justice Hardesty is denied. (SC).20-44702
12/08/2020BriefFiled Appellants' Supplemental Briefing Pursuant to Order Directing Supplemental Briefing December 8, 2020. (SC).20-44708
12/08/2020BriefFiled Defendants-Respondents' Supplemental Brief. (SC).20-44709
12/08/2020Notice/IncomingFiled Defendants-Respondents' Certificate of Service (Defendants-Respondents' Supplemental Brief.). (SC).20-44710
12/08/2020Order/DispositionalFiled Order of Affirmance. The clerk of this court shall issue the remittitur forthwith. "ORDER the judgment of the district court AFFIRMED." fn3 Given our disposition, we will take no action on the pending motions. Justice Elissa F. Cadish voluntarily recused herself from participation in the decision of this matter.] EN Banc. (SC).20-44711
12/08/2020RemittiturIssued Remittitur. (SC).20-44712
12/08/2020Case Status UpdateRemittitur Issued/Case Closed. (SC).
12/18/2020RemittiturFiled Remittitur. Received by County Clerk on December 10, 2020. (SC)20-44712