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Administrative Case: ADKT 0538
Short Caption:IN RE: AMENDMENTS TO SCR 49.1 THROUGH 49.13 AND SCR 72.1 THROUGH 72.5Court:Supreme Court
Classification:Administrative - ADKT - ADKTCase Status:Case Closed
Filed Date:12/27/2018Public Hearing:
Closed Date:12/17/2020

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Docket Entries
12/27/2018Administrative CaseFiled Petition.18-910594
01/30/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order Scheduling Public Hearing and Requesting Public Comment. The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. in the Nevada Supreme Court Courtroom in Carson City. The hearing will be videoconferenced to the Nevada Supreme Court Courtroom in Las Vegas. Comments may submitted electronically or in hard copy format. Persons interested in participating in the hearing must notify the Clerk no later than February 21, 2019.19-04655
02/13/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Barth F Aaron.19-06867
02/21/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Daniel W Hamilton with UNLV Boyd School of Law.19-08015
02/22/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Anne R Traum with UNLV Boyd School of Law.19-08224
02/28/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Barbara Buckley with Legal Aid Center.19-09304
03/05/2019Administrative CasePublic Hearing Held. Public Hearing held on the Administrative Docket. (SC)
07/09/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order. "On March 5, 2019, the court held a public hearing in this matter and considered comment from the public and State Bar. The Nevada Supreme Court invites additional written comment from the bench, bar, and public regarding the attached amendments. Comments may be submitted to the court electronically or in hard-copy format to Elizabeth A. Brown, Clerk of the Supreme Court, 201 South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701. All comments must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., July 17, 2019."19-29045
07/17/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Kimberly Farmer with the State Bar of Nevada.19-30202
07/17/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Barbara Buckley with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.19-30302
07/17/2019Administrative CaseFiled Comments from Daniel W. Hamilton with UNLV Boyd School of Law.19-30362
07/23/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order Amending or Repealing Supreme Court Rules. Exhibit A attached. Effective 30 days from the date of this order.19-30932
08/08/2019Administrative CaseFiled Order and Exhibit A showing strikethrough and underlined changes to rules approved in the July 23, 2019, order.19-33396
12/17/2020Administrative CaseCase Closed.