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Case Information: 83422
Short Caption:WASHOE CTY. HUMAN SERVS. AGENCY VS. DIST. CT. (C.-S.)Court:Supreme Court
Lower Court Case(s):Washoe Co. - Second Judicial District - JV2000804Classification:Original Proceeding - Civil - Mandamus
Disqualifications:LeeCase Status:Notice in Lieu of Remittitur Issued/Case Closed
Replacement:Senior Justice Gibbons for Justice SilverPanel Assigned: En Banc
To SP/Judge:SP Status:
Oral Argument:10/06/2022 at 1:30 PMOral Argument Location:Carson City
Submission Date:10/06/2022How Submitted:

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Docket Entries
08/26/2021Filing FeePetition Filing Fee Waived. State/County/Municipality. (SC)
08/26/2021MotionFiled Motion to File Documents Under Seal. (SC)
11/10/2021Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion to Seal and Directing Answer. The clerk of this court shall file the petition and appendix, received on August 26, 2021, under seal. Order Directing Answer. Real Parties in Interest's Answer due: 28 days. Petitioner shall have 14 days from service of the last-filed answer to file and serve any reply. (SC)21-32336
11/10/2021Petition/WritFiled Petition for Writ of Mandamus. (FILED UNDER SEAL PER ORDER FILED 11/10/2021).
11/10/2021AppendixFiled Appendix to Petition for Writ. (FILED UNDER SEAL PER ORDER FILED 11/10/2021). (SC)
11/30/2021Notice/IncomingFiled Real Party in Interest (Porsha C.-S) Notice of Appearance for John Reese Petty. (SC)21-34048
11/30/2021Petition/WritFiled Real Party in Interest's (Porsha C.-S) Answer to Petition for Writ. (SC)21-34049
12/03/2021Order/Clerk'sFiled Order Granting Extension Per Telephonic Request. Real party in interest Rolando C.-S. shall have until December 22, 2021, to file and serve the answer to writ petition. (SC).21-34588
12/07/2021Order/Clerk'sFiled Order Granting Extension Per Telephonic Request. Real party in interest L.S.C.'s answer to petition for writ due: December 22, 2021. (SC)21-34886
12/22/2021Petition/WritFiled Real Party in Interest (Rolando C.-S.) Answer to Petition for Writ. (SC)21-36474
12/22/2021Petition/WritFiled Real Party in Interest's (L. S. C.) Answer to Petition for Writ. (SC)21-36579
01/03/2022Order/Clerk'sFiled Order Granting Extension Per Telephonic Request. Petitioner's reply due: January 19, 2022. (SC)22-00087
01/19/2022MotionFiled Motion to File Reply Appendix Under Seal. (SC)22-01983
01/19/2022Petition/WritFiled Reply in Support of Petition for Writ of Mandamus. (SC)22-01982
01/28/2022Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. The clerk of this court shall file the appendix, received on January 21, 2022, under seal. (SC)22-03005
01/28/2022AppendixFiled Petitioner's (SEALED) Reply Appendix. (SC)
06/17/2022Order/ProceduralFiled Order Inviting Amicus Curiae Participation. Should the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Senior Law Project, Volunteer Attorneys of Rural Nevada, Northern Nevada Legal Aid, and Nevada Legal Services elect to participate as amicus curiae, any amicus brief shall be filed within 30 days of the date of this order that shall not exceed 10 pages and shall otherwise comply with the requirements of NRAP32(a)(4)-(6). If any amicus brief is filed and served, petitioner and real parties in interest may file and serve any response to the brief within 15 days from the date that the last amicus brief is filed and served. (SC)22-19253
07/11/2022Notice/IncomingFiled Notice of Request for Access to the Petition for Writ: Family Law Section, State Bar of Nevada. (SC)22-21723
07/13/2022Order/ProceduralFiled Order. Counsel for the Family Law Section is directed to contact the clerk of this court to coordinate a time and date for counsel to review the petition and appendix at the Supreme Court's Las Vegas or Carson City office. The Family Law Section has filed a notice informing this court that it may be interested in submitting an amicus brief but noting that it cannot fully assess its position until it has read the petition and appendix, which have been filed under seal. (SC)22-21999
07/18/2022MotionFiled Motion to Extend Time to Access the Court's Invitation to File Amicus Curiae Brief. (SC)22-22558
07/28/2022Order/ProceduralFiled Order Granting Motion. Cause appearing, the motion for an extension of time is granted as follows. The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada shall have until August 5, 2022, to complete its review of the petition and appendix and to notify this court in writing if it intends to file an amicus brief. If the Family Law Section decides to participate, it shall have until August 26, 2022, to file and serve the amicus brief. (SC)22-23749
08/05/2022Notice/IncomingFiled Notice Family Law Section of The State Bar of Nevada's Declination to Participate as Amicus Curiae. (SC)22-24633
08/31/2022Order/ProceduralFiled Order Scheduling Oral Argument. This matter is scheduled for oral argument on October 6, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. in Carson City. The argument shall be limited to 30 minutes. (SC)22-27421
09/21/2022Notice/OutgoingIssued Oral Argument Reminder Notice. (SC)22-29718
10/06/2022Case Status UpdateOral argument held this day. Case submitted for decision. (SC)
12/27/2022OtherJustice Patricia Lee disqualified from participation in this matter. Disqualification Reason: Law Firms
12/29/2022Opinion/DispositionalFiled Authored Opinion. "Petition denied." Before the Court En Banc. Author: Hardesty, C.J. Majority: Hardesty/Parraguirre/Stiglich/Cadish/Pickering/Herndon/Gibbons. 138 Nev. Adv. Opn. No. 87. fn1 [The Honorable Mark Gibbons, Senior Justice, participated in the decision of this matter under a general order of assignment.] En Banc. (SC).22-40818
01/23/2023Case Status UpdateNotice in Lieu of Remittitur Issued/Case Closed. (SC)
01/23/2023RemittiturIssued Notice in Lieu of Remittitur. (SC)23-02072